15 December 2009

"Noprobamatol": Side-Effects that Rival the Syndrome

America is an overly medicated society.  From the perspective of rationality, we rely on labs to create drugs that fix the problems we think we have.  It is true that some drugs truly help people, but many of these drugs stupefy perception; they transform reality in a way that makes it appear more tolerable.  How did America’s previous generations, the pioneers of American Democracy, maintain without a hearty helping of reality-benders with breakfast?  While wading through the pharmaceutical melting pot of my University’s campus, it is hard to say.  In avoidance of hypocrisy, I will say that I have taken my fair share of prescribed medication throughout life.  There is, however, a designer drug that exploded onto the scene in 2004 – at the DNC – that I avoided: “Noprobamatol.”  Prior to 2004, it was just a street drug in Chicago, and look at the mess that place is in; lots of Chicago thugs in the White House now, all heavy users of Noprobamatol.

Noprobamatol is a legal drug, no prescription required, nestled in nicely next to “Nodoze” in the hypothetical apothecary of my mind’s eye.   Through the all seeing lens of hindsight, I assume the position that a great majority of my “peers” abused the legality of Noprobamatol; much like the “legality” of marijuana dispensaries is currently being taken for granted.  It has become clear, as of late, that Noprobamatol should have been classified as a controlled substance by the FDA, and its possession and use should have been a felony; but since it’s a drug of ideology, rather than physical substance, controlling it proved impossible. 

Noprobamatol’s hook was simple – the focused demographic partly being the wandering votes of America’s youth.  A radio commercial would have gone something like this:

Are you suddenly feeling betrayed by the warmongering Republicans?  Are you more inclined towards following blindly, instead of shouldering the burden of blazing a trail?  Do you not possess an understanding of where America stands or how it got to where it is today?  Do you relate more to a hip looking, youthful Senator; instead of a crotchety old war vet who reminds you of your grandfather?  Don’t care about politics and just want to feel good like your friends? 

If you answered yes, to any of these questions, then ask your doctor about Noprobamatol today.  It’s will give you the political purpose you’ve been looking for, and it will make you feel accepted by those around you as well.  Noprobamatol – it was made by them, for you, to help us.

(In triple speed)  Side-effects of Noprobamatol may include but will not be limited to: dizziness; dry mouth; inability to retort; lapse in independent thinking; ringing in your ears when someone downplays Obama; compulsion to wear t-shirts that resemble an anti-democratic movement; placing bumper stickers and signs in any unused space available; audible sound coming out of the mouth of anyone who doesn’t take Noprobamatol similar to the “wah womp ah wahm womp” of Charlie Brown’s parents and teacher; and an immediate alleviation of symptoms caused by “white man’s guilt;” since you’re going to vote for a man of African descent.  
Call today.  Vote tomorrow.  You can’t lose!

President Obama was formulated, manufactured, branded, and sold to America as an answer to a problem for which there is no clear need.  A drug that is engineered to alleviate a problem often times causes side-effects that didn’t exist before.  2009’s masses were aurally medicated with Noprobamatol, and it has proven no different than the rest.  Even without side-effects, it takes time to regain equilibrium after beginning a drug regimen; your body needs time to accept – rather than reject – the introduction of manufactured chemicals, which are camouflaged to evade the body’s defenses.   A dapper suit and a charismatic smile worked well, for a time, but the side-effects will undoubtedly prove difficult to manage.  The novelty is waning.

The “change” brought by Noprobamatol, that America is still adjusting to, has brought with it side-effects that rival the syndrome.  There has been war for the majority of this decade, and a growing deficit to go along with it.  There were political ebbs and flows, peaks and troughs; but there was more growth than decline.  The magnitudes of America’s challenges have not been cured by Noprobamatol; they have been exacerbated, and accompanied by side-effects which mean to socialize the future.  Jobs are scarce and out-of-work Americans are plentiful; taxes will continue to increase, despites the promises made to not raise taxes on the middle classes; and America’s deficit is on an unsustainable trajectory beyond the stratosphere of possibility.  My generation, the Future Force of America, along with the Conservative veterans still in the trenches, will undoubtedly have to put forth a collective effort to clean up the mess made by Noprobamatol – it will more than likely take a generation to do it.

The coming years will be trying ones, as there is no foreseeable cure-all for the national hangover that began when American’s were cut off from the bar of reality, in January ’09; hopelessly left without enough change to tip “Dubya.”  Our collective headaches will be blamed on the recession that came as a result of the syndrome.  The depression that was avoided has been a side-effect of Noprobamatol; a side-effect that has caused a rapid quadrupling of the national deficit, and a perceived shrinking of America’s persuasive abilities on global politics.  

You look confused.  You’re saying that the “Democrats promised that I wouldn’t notice an increase in taxes toward my income, even though almost immediately after taking office they injected unimaginable amounts of money into backwards industries, and they swore that they’d be able to keep America at the pole position of global powers.  But I am being taxed more, and people say that taxes are going to continue increasing.  Why would they lie to us?  Is my Noprobamatol starting to wear off?  I’ve been hearing and agreeing with a lot of things that I had been unable to hear until recently?  Where did all of my money go?  Who owns my house and why can’t I seem to make a dent in my personal debt?  I already have a big brother and I don’t want another one.” 

Simply put, my friend, your money, your financial security, all that is America and what you’re accustomed to, is being exploited for the construction of a new form of government; a conglomeration government that influences more of America’s private sectors daily, while reserving the right to amend American society in any way that benefits its particular needs at any time. 

There isn’t a detoxification clinic anywhere that could possibly wean Conservatives’ addiction to the dream of small government and individual opportunity.  As I see it, we, the Conservative Future Force and those who are fighting the fight behind desks rather than laptops, are the antidote for Noprobamatol.  For the Future Force specifically though, the next three years will be a proving ground for our, thus far, life of books and papers.  The theoretical foundations of our education must now, be put into practice; it is in our hands to decide which learned theories are applicable in modernity and those that need to be left-behind, due to their hypocrisy and inability to dictate against the changes that have swept across America.  Three trips around the Sun is ample time to make the leap from apprentice to master.  I plan on honing my skills and proving my worth. 

Conservatives don’t like side-effects, we are resistant to sudden change.  If the rapidity of changes has frightened you, maybe we can offer you an antidote; it won’t be nearly as pleasant as Noprobamatol, but it will reopen your eyes.  Noprobamatol is big medicine, big government.  If you do begin to worry as you wake from Noprobamatol’s cognitive coma, hold fast.  Conservatives care for their own, and we’re always openly accepting converts, no application or waiting period; all you need is embodied in “Our Creed” (top).

“To him who looks upon the world rationally, the world in turn presents a rational aspect.  The relation is mutual.” 
- George W. F. Hegel

Talon's Out

08 December 2009

Truth be told; watch this video and then make your stand.


14 November 2009

America's Once and Future Creed

There once was a time in America when drafting contests were held to judge who wrote beyond compare about America.  During one such competition in 1917, a man named William Tyler Page won the contest with “The American Creed.”  A creed is a system, a doctrine, an oath, an article of faith, as well as a summarization of one’s overarching ideological beliefs.  Individuals who stand by the American Creed base their identity on its core values; more importantly, our creed codifies individuals within our country as members of a nation of people who identify themselves—despite trivial differences and minutiae—as Americans; something greater than themselves.  If you live in the United States of America, and identify yourself as an American, it will be impossible to avoid shivers and goose bumps while reading the American Creed; those uncontrollable sensations that remind you of your morality and mortality.  Breathe it in my Brothers and Sisters, and take heart:

“I believe in the United States of America, as a government of the people, by the people, for the people; whose just powers are derived from the consent of the governed; a democracy in a republic; a sovereign Nation of many sovereign States; a perfect union, one and inseparable; established upon those principles of freedom, equality, justice, and humanity for which American patriots sacrificed their lives and fortunes.

I therefore believe it is my duty to my country to love it, to support its Constitution, to obey its laws, to respect its flag, and to defend it against all enemies.”

Did you feel that?  I hope so.

In merely one hundred words – a feat in itself – Page powerfully summarized both the American political tradition and the responsibilities of every citizen to his or her government.  The American Creed uses passages and phrases from America’s Declaration of Independence, the Preamble to the Constitution, Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, and Daniel Webster’s reply to Robert Y. Hayne in the Senate in 1830.  When Page was asked about what he had written, he said that “It is the summary of the fundamental principles of the American political faith as set forth in its greatest documents, its worthiest traditions, and its greatest leaders.”

Being an American has a different meaning for every person.  What does it mean, to me, to be an American?  Well, by being naturally born in America, you are an American.  That’s a label though, not an explanation of what it means to be an American.  It means so much more than being born here, and I think that people have lost that understanding, due to America’s prosperity in the twentieth-century.  In being an American, you and every American are, above-all-else, free; master of your own destiny within limits of the law; nothing can be forced upon you.  There is value in American freedom; every American is valuable; no man is naturally above the rest.  We are “one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

The American Creed is something we can believe in, something we should believe in; even more so now than ever before.  The platform of “change we can believe in” appears now more like ancient hieroglyphs for which the key’s been lost.  It was at a time understood, decipherable within the context of the situation.  However, the American Creed is a lasting oath which gives the citizens of this great nation a perspective.  Without its perspective, we’re forced to live in the moment with no ties to the past.  Our nation’s momentum has lost its touch with the perspective granted by its foundations.  How can I, you, we, or America, move forward without a perspective; sans the American Creed?  America does not need change, it requires stability; the strength envisioned in our creed.

The Sophist, Gorgias, founder of classic rhetorical theory said that “If everyone, on every subject, had memory of the past and knowledge of the present and foresight of the future, speech would not do what it does; but as things are, it is easy neither to remember the past nor to consider the present nor to predict the future; so that on most subjects most people take opinion as counselor to the soul;” if there is a more relevant insight in history, I’m yet to find it.  The foundations of rhetoric have not lost their efficacy in over two millennia; should the foundations of America lose theirs, in less than three centuries?  Was the beating heart of our nation – and the creed for which it stands – drowned-out by the charismatic, rhetorical phrases of the future president?  It’s possible, but persuasion is only persuasive when an audience is willing to accept it.  Americans are losing their willingness, and now is the time to remember; believe in what America has—and will—stand for in the future.

What has happened to us, in contrast with previous patriotic generations: our grandparents and great Americans their senior?  Why don’t Americans believe in the future of America today?  Where’s our creed?  Where’s our leader; our Captain America?  Why are we standing idly by while the once experimental form of government known as Democracy, which was predicted to fail, is in front of our eyes being slowly subjugated by the catastrophic politics of yesterday?  What originated our tolerance for failure; a word which I am hesitant to use because it isn’t in my vocabulary, and at a time it wasn’t in America’s either.

11 November 2009

God bless our men and women in the armed forces--both past and present--and may God bless America

"With malice toward none; with clarity for all; with firmness in the right, as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in; to bind up the nation's wounds; to care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan--to do all which may achieve and cherish a just, and a lasting peace, among ourselves, and with all nations." - Abraham Lincoln 

There has been enough hatred and enough bloodshed to satisfy anyone's thirst for revenge.  

09 November 2009

Political Cartoons

These graphics - from the Economist.com - speak for themselves.

05 November 2009

Conservative Reboot: Ctrl + Alt + Democrat

It has taken less than a year for the American people—Liberals, Conservatives, Democrats, and Republicans; the life-force of our great nation—to become outraged; unable to stomach Obama’s overt attempts to subvert the foundations of American society by constructing an outrageous platform, which is if nothing else, markedly unconstitutional.  Throughout the ebb and flow of 2009, I have waded waist-deep through the digital muck, searching for the credible, educated voices of Conservatives in America.  They are out there, and their voices are becoming more audible with time.  All of Obama’s fumbles in 2009 have sent increasingly nerve wracking shockwaves through his followers; even Liberals don’t like an offense who fumbles the ball; whether it’s by the quarterback, halfback, or receivers.  Nine months of turnovers, and the mounting tensions felt by Democrats have been realized.

The momentum I have been anticipating became fact yesterday, the 3rd of November.  I put my proverbial ear to the ground in an effort to internalize the quakes caused by Conservatives out east.  Here in Colorado the tremors were barely perceivable vibrations, but the Republican victory in New Jersey, the landslide in Virginia, and the race in New York’s 23rd district, will undoubtedly have lasting effects.  “Conservatives’ disgust with the status quo has been heard and felt.  They have been silent too long.  They will be silent no more.”  I have been thinking along those lines for some time now.  Before the 3rd, only momentary flashes of light broke through the fog confusing the Conservative movement in America. 

These victories, which were largely ignored by Liberals—specifically “O-man-child” himself, reportedly playing basketball while results were coming in—will be framed as trivial in the coming days and weeks; however, they are not.  Conservatives have a much stronger foundational, ideological lineage in American politics.  The opening week of November 2009 marks the beginning of a necessary disruption; an encouraged commotion; the formula for a future force in the political ideology of America.

Remember, remember the beginning of November,
Dawn of Conservative thought,
I can conjure no reason,
How the political season,
Could ever not be got.

The initial political scrap is in the books.  Conservatives routed the Democrats in a seemingly fated clash.  There are many contests on the horizon, but this first KO is not to be taken lightly by “O and the Jokers.”  Conservatives are back, we never went away, and we’re training to go the distance in the title-fight of 2012.  It is three years away, but we’ve learned something: the more we bleed in practice, the stronger we’ll be in battle.

Obama’s campaign for president, tailed closely by his inept administration—some assembly required—has constructed a human-pyramid using “hope” for load-bearing supports, “change” as uncured bricks, and “hopey-changey” voters as both structural base and mortar.  The binding power of the mortar is weathering nearly as well as Elmer’s paste.  The base of the pyramid is weakening due to the top-heaviness natural to the Democrats’ Party.  Sleep-voters from the college student demographic are individually being crushed awake by spontaneous moments of clarity; a “voter’s remorse,” if you will. 

One year ago, I couldn’t walk more than fifty feet on CUs campus without seeing an Obama t-shirt or hearing someone talking about how much change “they thought” was needed.  I haven’t seen a t-shirt for at least a month now, and the Obama-chatter has been drowned out by, “are you guys hiring?”  They lost their unified voice while screaming for hope and demanding change.  Their screams and demands have been ousted by a much more sobering realization; hope that there is enough change in the couch to buy lunch.  The once well-fed student body is quickly losing ideological weight; they’re hungry and a ration of Conservative principles, “and the pursuit” of them, will be heartier than whipped-up words and puffy phrases. 

There is no questioning the fact that a resurgence of Conservative principles and thought have already—after only nine months—become powerful ammunition for Americans disenchanted by the direction that America’s leadership is taking.  Daniel Webster said, “It is hardly too strong to say that the Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions.  There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern.  They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters.”  Americans are not followers; we are a nation founded in leadership.  A crucial step required in the next three years is the establishment of Conservative principles in the educated youth.  The door is open more now than ever before.  We have the tools and the drive to create the future force of young Conservative Americans.  A defensive position historically has the advantage in a battle; obviously however, Democrats have not even been able to dig foxholes in the true Conservative soil which America was built on.  

Knight takes King: Checkmate.  Who's with me?

04 November 2009

Watch the "House Call to Pelosi"

"Remember, remember the fifth of November,
The gunpowder treason and plot,
I know of no reason,
Why the gunpowder treason,
Should ever be forgot."

"House Call to Pelosi" - Happening 5 November 2009

"Conservatives' disgust with the status quo has been heard and felt. They have been silent too long. They will be silent no more."

28 October 2009

Future is Bright: Left is Fueling the Right

My personal sphere—the hyper-Liberal University of Colorado—is a dangerous place for a politically Right-minded individual such as myself. During Obama’s campaign for the presidency, if I were to eek anything resembling a non-Obama viewpoint, a cascade of glares would come my way. Fortunately for me, those glares were backed by no thought whatsoever, and if I challenged them to retort, a litany of regurgitated phrases would spew forth. They hadn’t thought about why they had adopted their views; it was what everyone else was doing. A day of reckoning is upon them. Someday they will graduate and be catapulted into the business world, where their lack of knowledge will be thoroughly repulsed and they will be forced to create a true political identity. For many of the newly christened members of society, the Right will feel much more right, than the Left.

The unquestioned adoption of Liberal ideology by undergraduate students here in Boulder, and on university campuses nationwide, has the potential to be a dangerous force; that is, if the recruits and soldiers of the Liberal Universities Army had any real direction after they have completed their active duty. Soldiers in the LUA have a four year term of service, after which many are let go (graduate) and a handful take the necessary steps (grad school) in becoming officers (professors) in the LUA. In line with many citizens who enlisted in an army and don’t reenlist after four years, those who graduate from the LUA and are forced to put theory into practice, will engender political ideology in themselves that is not in line with the LUA, and find themselves to be new members of the YGC.

More currently, peers of mine who voted for the One and have watched the actions taken by the administration over the last year are losing their faith in “fearless leader.” The pitfalls of all the campaign hype have emerged. Historically, there has never been much unity in the Democrat Party. That inability to cooperate is visible at the University level. Too much emphasis on unification and the empty-promises of “hope” were a bluff; educated Americans have called the bluff – time to show your cards Obama. Nothing more, it seems, than a King and a bunch of Jokers. We’ve got a full-house of Aces coming: educated youth who have had first-hand experience with the rise and fall natural to the Democrats. We are the people – along with current Americans who believe in Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit – who will engender the future thought and leadership necessary to take back the political baton, and give America uncontested leadership of the twenty-first century.

The LUA is like Boy Scouts compared to the Conservative Army of the future. We, and it, are the Future Force.

20 October 2009

I Heard Dad's Building an Experimental Balloon Out in the Yard...

It should be apparent to anyone who has turned on the radio or the television in the last week: the hoax worked; kind of.
Having briefly been near enough the fountain of pop-culture immortality and since that day thirsting for more - even if it meant rolling the proverbial dice on the future of their children - these Americans made their move. The mastermind behind the scenes of the recent Balloon Hoax in Fort Collins, CO attempted to fool local officials and media into believing that his six-year-old son was trapped inside of an experimental balloon that he had been building near their home. No doubt now that the purpose of his amateur balloon venture was an attempt at forcing his family back into the once-meaningful "limelight" which has lost all of its influence in today's society. Pathetic excuse for a man. If possible jail time, and being interviewed on how you’re so moronic on national television for a week-or-so, was at the top of his list, his family has solidified itself for an insignificant amount of time in the ever-peripheral-view of a nation conceived - it feels today - in restlessness and a irreconcilable terministic compulsion. At least they’re getting more critical attention then they would have received with their participation in an all-too-obvious spin-off of "Jon and Kate Plus" Hate.
I posted a link to an article in the comments section below. Look at the “yeah, you wish you had thought to do this” smirk on Mrs. Heretoday-Threetofivetomorrow’s face; that’s the look of undeserved “success.” Of course they are cooperating with the authorities. That’s the only way they are going to be seen: once the gavel drops they will be forgotten like all the familial-suicides of the “information age.” At least there will be a repossessed house on the market for some chump who wants to get in on a piece of the residual spotlight at a fraction of the federal cost – HOT TIP!!!
Hey look there’s sumthin’ else on the talkie box Lynda!
Their Lawyer has already finished a promotional lap around the Dish Network: Mr. and Mrs. Ourneighbors, who actually think that the “reality” framed by network coverage of this fiasco will in some way give them something new and exciting to talk about until lights-out; and as a bonus, a warm feeling of contentment after watching due to their self-perceived "betterness." We are all going to find out that he has just recently gotten his practice back and that he jumped all over this opportunity – probably isn’t even being paid (in money).

At least have your stories worked out. Unfortunately, six-year-olds don’t have the ability to censor their thoughts and prevent them from becoming words. Kids say the darnedest things...

I’m not easily angered by stupid people, but these wonderful folks... something so special about them.

I'm holding out for the appearance of one or more of their sons on Intervention. Hopefully it takes a few years; fingers crossed. Good work my “fellow” Americans.

18 October 2009

Newborn Blogger

I'm new to blogging and I am curious as to how I should get started. I have been told by some important people that I should blog and - as an novice blogger - I need a launchpad. If I could get some tips from experienced bloggers, I would appreciate it. I hope to allow myself time in the future to blog at a minimum of once-a-week. I look forward to establishing myself as a credible voice in the blogging community.