30 March 2010


I apologize for the apparent neglect, but I assure you that there is good reason.  I've been entirely too busy to allow myself time to drop everything and write, but that will change hopefully sooner rather than later.

This blog is going to be re-imagined as more of a "Hannity & Colmes" oriented blog - a dueling-blogs if you will. Where opposing opinions will be presented, which will allow for greater debate and more cohesion in the long-term.

Please have patience, as this process will undoubtedly take a month or more to initiate.  I will not allow for an idea with great potential to be launched prematurely.  When the ball does start rolling with "Sagacious Sam v. ____________," it will roll fast and hard; I hope that after reading this, you are as excited as I am about the future of this Blogspot.


S. Sam