28 October 2009

Future is Bright: Left is Fueling the Right

My personal sphere—the hyper-Liberal University of Colorado—is a dangerous place for a politically Right-minded individual such as myself. During Obama’s campaign for the presidency, if I were to eek anything resembling a non-Obama viewpoint, a cascade of glares would come my way. Fortunately for me, those glares were backed by no thought whatsoever, and if I challenged them to retort, a litany of regurgitated phrases would spew forth. They hadn’t thought about why they had adopted their views; it was what everyone else was doing. A day of reckoning is upon them. Someday they will graduate and be catapulted into the business world, where their lack of knowledge will be thoroughly repulsed and they will be forced to create a true political identity. For many of the newly christened members of society, the Right will feel much more right, than the Left.

The unquestioned adoption of Liberal ideology by undergraduate students here in Boulder, and on university campuses nationwide, has the potential to be a dangerous force; that is, if the recruits and soldiers of the Liberal Universities Army had any real direction after they have completed their active duty. Soldiers in the LUA have a four year term of service, after which many are let go (graduate) and a handful take the necessary steps (grad school) in becoming officers (professors) in the LUA. In line with many citizens who enlisted in an army and don’t reenlist after four years, those who graduate from the LUA and are forced to put theory into practice, will engender political ideology in themselves that is not in line with the LUA, and find themselves to be new members of the YGC.

More currently, peers of mine who voted for the One and have watched the actions taken by the administration over the last year are losing their faith in “fearless leader.” The pitfalls of all the campaign hype have emerged. Historically, there has never been much unity in the Democrat Party. That inability to cooperate is visible at the University level. Too much emphasis on unification and the empty-promises of “hope” were a bluff; educated Americans have called the bluff – time to show your cards Obama. Nothing more, it seems, than a King and a bunch of Jokers. We’ve got a full-house of Aces coming: educated youth who have had first-hand experience with the rise and fall natural to the Democrats. We are the people – along with current Americans who believe in Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit – who will engender the future thought and leadership necessary to take back the political baton, and give America uncontested leadership of the twenty-first century.

The LUA is like Boy Scouts compared to the Conservative Army of the future. We, and it, are the Future Force.

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