30 September 2010

Long Live the Fighters

The moon has made countless laps around the Earth since I last attempted to define myself as an individual - I am intent on changing that - Sagacious Sam is back with a full metal jacket.  I am confident saying that we've collectively been through a lot during my reloading period: many things that we didn't want or foresee.  That is, however, the natural beauty of playing the game that we are forced by birth to call "life."  The American standard of living has been a fickle friend for all of us during the last year and "change," but that does not mean we should become accustomed to unpredictability in the future.  

If we want (need) to return the global definition of "America(n)" to the world's dictionary we must stand up and fight.  Not with fists nor guns nor bombs, nay, we must raise our collective voices and rally for a better tomorrow; a brighter future for the world.  If America is to once again lead the free nations of the world we must band together and obstruct the highway that the United States government has constructed:  the road  we are traveling on does not take us towards progress - neither national or global - but stagnation.  Allowing America to take a back seat is unacceptable and negates all ideology upon which our still great nation was founded.  

The two majority parties will forever be battling, that much is true, but if we look past our differences and work together towards an America that is governed from the middle - not the far left or right - the totality of the globe will prosper.  

The coming midterm elections will be savage, and the following presidential election even more so; however, history shows us that true, great civilizations are conceived via total savagery: sustained periods of incivility eventually nurture a better, more complete civilization.  America has the potential to become greater than it has ever been, and that greatness will be beneficial for all humankind.

Let us all fight not merely for the benefit of ourselves or our "party."  We must fight for each other, we must fight for America as Americans, we must fight for the future of the world, we must fight because the other option is flight.  Long live!  Long live the fighters!

Fight with me!

Talon's Out.

1 comment:

  1. Amen, Jess. Politics, in today's America, has turned into a glorified pissing match.

    I agree that a more moderate government benefits everyone the most. Reaching across the aisle for the greater good used to be commonplace. Now, should you choose that route, your party shuns you.

    That being said, examining our local races, Michael Bennet is more moderate than Ken Buck. Mayor Hickenlooper is more moderate than Dan Maes or Tom Tancredo. That's just fact.

    The R's are so pissed off they're sending some nut jobs out there. In other states though, the practical progressive Republicans will almost certainly topple the lefties.

    Great piece man.

    Peter Rossi